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Common mistakes which are able to be faced ordering interior design project

Low estimate-

it is a cause to think carefully about doer’s qualification level.


Unreal deadlines-

lack of worked over project documentation which is required to make an appropriate repair without faults.


The work without a contract-

lack of the responsible person for the work and its result.


Project without specifications (matching of furniture, lamps, decorative materials …)-

necessity of searching all interior components by yourself which leads to inconsistency between pictures from the designer and the results, and to the other difficulties during installing these components.


Project without realization or designers support during the repair-

high probability that the result will be different from the design project, the constant facing with inconsistencies, necessity of the customer’s constant participating during repairs.

Benefits We Offer
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    High-quality design: creative work, competence, experience

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    Tailored solutions inspired by the latest trends and new development.

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    3D photorealistic rendering

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    Complete package of a construction project or customer-selected set of drawings

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    Comprehensive approach: a turn-key project plan

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    Complete control: designer's technical supervision, project management

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    Competitive and reasonable prices

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    Approved vendors

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    Own furniture production

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    Quality assurance

Practical Advantages You Get
 kl-r-2Personalized Services

You can contact us with any questions at any time to settle the issues in progress. You can purchase custom-made furniture designed specifically for you at a reasonable producer’s price. 


You get an accurate estimate based upon provided design documentation. 

 kl-r-5Money Saving.

We guarantee no rework or false material order. We provide market prices and approved vendors discounts.

 kl-r-3Time Saving

With the help of our project plan and drawings, the improvement process is fast, easy and, which is most important, correct. We save your time on shopping and selection of materials.

 kl-r-4Saving Your Nerves

We take charge of communication with the builders and suppliers, the process of negotiation, purchasing and tracking of deliveries of materials and equipment.

When ordering, interior design – design supervision as a GIFT!


Order interior design and

get a gift author’s supervision!