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Common mistakes which are able to be faced ordering furniture

Underestimated price of furniture – 

is a cause to think carefully about doer’s qualification level and quality of used materials.


Unreal deadlines –

breakdown in process for fast object delivery.


Lack of accurate measurement and design schemes –

Designer-constructor must link the design with design features of furniture and be the guarantor of faultless measurements.


The work without a contract and warranty –

lack of the responsible person and control at all stages of production leads to careless attitude to furniture and other stuffs at the time of repair.


Limited range of sizes and materials –

in appropriate cases of individual, non-standard furniture projects production, which are often more convenient and comfortable solution, there are additional extra charge and value appreciation.

Benefits We Offer
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    High quality furniture due to competence and skills of our experts.

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    You can order a copy of furniture from your picture or by our exclusive project.

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    Custom-made or off-standard design without value appreciation.

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    3D photorealistic rendering.

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    The latest trends and new development.

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    Comprehensive approach: from drawings to a turn-key construction.

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    Competitive and reasonable prices.

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    Dependable partners.

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    Quality assurance.

Practical Advantages You Get
 kl-r-2Personalized Services

According to your needs, taking into account the wishes and features of the room , an exclusive project can be designed We prepare individual samples and color test charts on your request.


You get accurate estimates and specifications based upon provided drawings and plans.

 kl-r-5Money Saving

We guarantee European quality of performed work at Ukrainian price.

 kl-r-3Time Saving

You can avoid wasting time for shopping or waiting for furniture delivery from Europe.

 kl-r-4Saving Your Nerves

We take charge of the whole process: from development and confirmation of the drawings to delivery and installation on site. 

When ordering the manufacture of furniture – a design project as a gift!


Order production of furniture and

get as a gift design project!